You ever go to a party and there is that one person who seems to piss off absolutely everyone he talks to? He doesn't stop talking, he just goes from group to group looking to start fights and get as much negative attention as he can muster? Well, we have one of those, and it's time he got kicked out of the party.

There is one commenter who several people have complained about and with whom I have had a few run-ins as well. If there was a person at my party and all of my friends asked me to kick him out and I wanted to kick him out, I wouldn't let him sit in the corner angering more people. No, I'd kick him the fuck out. Well, today is finally the day.

Here is what some of the other commenters have said about this person. One person complained that he, "offended quite a few today with his offensive remarks about women. After being called out on it he attacked a fellow commenter by asking her 'if it was her time of the month.'" Another said, more succinctly, "make a girl happy and eliminate that fucking sociopath." Another laid out a very persuasive case:

Description of commenters recommended for execution:

  • Individuals who complain repeatedly about not being a starred commenter or who complain about having lost their star.
  • Unstarred commenters who mock starred commenters solely because they are starred and yet state that they do not care about their unstarred status.
  • Individuals who constantly comment about how they are probably about to be banned (and seem to be proud of it).
  • Individuals who seek out commenters who have lost their stars so that they can commiserate about how unfair and capricious the moderators are.
  • Individuals who brag about having been banned or unstarred in the past.

Commenter who meets these criteria:

Dwayne McGinnty

Yes, Dwayne is no longer wanted at this party. He is no longer here to bait people with offensive and outrageous comments, to lodge personal and disgusting attacks against people when they disagree with him, and to personally insult and bully the editors and readers of this website.

That is not to say we don't want people disagreeing with the editors or each other. On the contrary, we want it. We want to be held accountable for the things we say (and the mistakes we make) and to engender interesting and spirited conversation. What we don't want are people who behave like jerks when the conversation doesn't go their way or who hijack the conversation with their outrageous statements. While things might get heated, they should always be civil. That said, if anyone says something stupid, we expect all the smart ones of you out there, especially with stars, to answer him back and explain to him in a detailed and objective manner just how and why he is stupid. We can do this without hurting each others feelings or being complete assholes to each other. We can have good discussions and a really fun party too.

So, I'm not banning Dwanye for disagreeing with us, I'm banning him for being a jerk. Now let's get back to the party!

A Few Notes & How to Submit Nominations

All decisions about commenter executions are final. There is no appeal, though bribery is sometimes acceptable depending on the severity of the offense and the amount of the bribe. Executed commenters may be allowed back after a suitable period of exile.

Because this process is to better the community, citizen's arrests for unruly commenters are welcome and encouraged. Executions can be based on a single incident or general and prolonged suckiness. Please submit your nominations to

Please include your rationale for execution and a link to the specific comment (you can get the direct link by clicking on the comment's time stamp) for evidence. Any commenter who submits a successful accusation for execution will be rewarded and deputized with a gold star. Happy commenting, and party on, Wayne!