For once in their miserable lives, the grizzled wackos of Kansas' Westboro Baptist Church (we've them to thank for "God Hates Fags") are doing something we almost half agree with. Namely, they're protesting New York Fashion Week.

OK, OK, so saying things like this is terrible:

You're going to teach the women, especially the young women of this country, to doll themselves up ... All you are doing is teaching girls to be proud whores!

But then just before that, church mouthpiece Steve Drain said this: "The whole thing is vanity!" And he is not wrong about that!

Then he goes on to say "the whole idea [of the] fashion industry is to make women look as whorish as possible and men look as effeminate at possible" and that is clearly awful and he should stop saying that. But then he says "Put some jeans on and fear God. Forget about all this fashion nonsense," and it kinda makes sense? Maybe not the fear God part, but just putting on some damn jeans and forgetting about this fashion nonsense — Fashion Week in particular being a grimly shallow and shitty and chichi enterprise — kind of sounds like a good idea? Sure fashion is fun, but good heavens you'd think these preening swans were curing cancer the way they strut around all haughty and better than all us Joe-John Stinkpots down here in the muck. It's too much!

All I'm saying is don't be that surprised if you find me at Lincoln Center sometime this weekend calling Marc Jacobs a painted whore. It's just something I might do. [NYP; image via Getty]