Ad hominem adultery harassment site is incensed. They wanted to run the above advertisement in the Toronto Sun during the Toronto Film Festival, but the Sun rejected them. Why ever would a newspaper reject a crude doodle of a stick-man butt-fucking a startled stick-lady atop a rectangular void with his giant club-shaped dick?

Because the Toronto Sun hates freedom and is part of a shadowy conspiracy to promote adultery, a spokesperson for explains in a press release. (Emphasis mine.)

The ad was REJECTED by The Toronto Sun, taking away's "freedom of speech" to speak and advertise openly about anti-cheating in Toronto, Canada—one of the highest rated cities where people have been caught cheating.

An Advertising Sales Account Manager for The Toronto Sun said, "The stick figures are not appropriate. We do not publish ads that show the act of sex for it may offend some of the readers. Although we do have some ads and pictures selling the idea of sex we need to make sure advertisements of this nature is done in a tasteful way so they do not offend any readers."

However, the Toronto Sun recently published "blurred" nude photos of recent celebs caught with their pants and shirts down, and also has a daily section titled, Sunshine Girl, which posts females in "suggested-nude" positions. feels there is another issue at hand here, as the Canadian media has been trying to NOT help with the promotion of anti-cheating as cheating scandals HELP sell papers.

James McGibney,'s founder and a former United States Marine, comments, "Our site has gained millions of fans, and we continue to receive positive endorsements by celebrities who are sick of seeing their industry tarnished by continuous cheating scandals. We are strong supporters of TIFF, and just want to warn our celebrity friends that our fan base in Canada, especially in Toronto, is in the tens of thousands, so think twice before you contemplate cheating because chances are very good you'll end up on We are upset that our ad, which sends a clear message in a humorous way, was rejected. It has nothing to do with the ad and everything to do with the fact that it's our company publishing it. Freedom of Speech, which I put my life on the line for, seems to only apply to the Canadian media but is frowned upon and outright questioned elsewhere."

That's what you get for working with Canadians. They don't respect the hard-won freedoms of America, like the freedom to draw two-dimensional penises everywhere, or to call you ex-girlfriend a slut on a former marine's sketchy-as-hell website. emailed me several advertisements that freedom-loving American billboard companies willingly posted. None depict stick figure sex acts, but it's the principle, you know? Canadians don't have pupils or jawbones, so stick figures are more familiar forms for them, anyway.

The Toronto Sun did not respond to our request for comment.

Update: Cheaterville founder James McGibney responds: "Well it would be hypocritical for me to say anything negative here…..they enjoy the same freedom of speech that I do….. 'a former Marine's sketchy as hell website.' I definitely take offense to that, as do my subscribers who post about cheaters who have destroyed their lives. If posting something on a website that is considered "sketchy" is an issue, than the time has come to shut down 75% of the internet. Nevertheless, thanks for mentioning CheaterVille, and for the record, he wasn't 'butt-fucking' anyone."