In the excellent New York magazine 9/11 issue, Mark Lilla says, "The tragedy will be mourned, then trivialized, then commercialized, and then amnesia will set in." There are some tchotchkes that mourn, trivialize, and commercialize that tragedy all at once. Here is the tackiest 9/11 related crap we could find.

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Here is a "rare" hand-painted commemorative baseball so you can smash the Twin Towers all over again. No thanks.

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This is some sort of adhesive window decal. While I can't argue with the sentiment of honoring those who lost their lives on 9/11, I do question the appropriateness of doing so to everyone sitting behind you in the Arby's drive-thru.

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Were these awful airport gift shop snow-globes made by Donald Trump? And when you tip them upside down, does snow fall down? I don't think people need to be reminded of the Towers with unidentified bits of refuse raining down around them.

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To spare chatty party guests the surprise of finding out that you're an insane conspiracy theorist mid-conversation, you can warn them with this shirt.

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I don't know which is worse: This poorly assembled Hummel type figurine or the yarn picture frame with the still-standing Towers. Whose picture are you going to put in it? George Bush? Rudy Giuliani? Rachel Uchitel?

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Nothing says remembrance like a giant glass paperweight of Ground Zero.

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This patch actually is nice and tasteful, as long as you're wearing it on a uniform of some sort. If you're putting it on your jeans to cover a hole in the knee, you're doing it wrong.

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On the left we have the tackiest knick-knack on God's green earth. It looks like what would happen if a VFW hall could vomit. No, I take that back. I would hate to dishonor the VFW like that.

On the right is a $50 gold coin recovered from the 9/11 rubble, and someone is going to spend more than $2000 on it. Why? So they can have their own little piece of the destruction? It just seems so morbid.

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Don't show the world you haven't forgotten what happened on 9/11 with your words, thoughts, or deeds. Instead, get an iron-on decal for a T-shirt with a crying eagle on it. Eagles don't even cry! If I saw someone wearing this I would never forget either. I'd never forget how ridiculous he looked.

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