Why is health care so goddamn expensive in the United States? One major factor is that "Doctors are paid higher fees in the United States than in several other countries," according to a new study. Related: Doctors demand a raise!

The study by two Columbia University professors says it plain as day: greedy American doctors are taking all of our health care money, because they can.

The study, being published Thursday in the journal Health Affairs, found that the incomes of primary care doctors and orthopedic surgeons were substantially higher in the United States than in other countries. Moreover, it said, the difference results mainly from higher fees, not from higher costs of the doctors' medical practice, a larger number or volume of services or higher medical school tuition.

Such higher fees are driving the higher spending on doctors' services, the study concluded.

All those primary care doctors demanding a raise from Medicare because they don't get paid as much as specialists really should have made their demands on any day this week other than the day the "greedy doctors" study came out. Instead of giving primary care doctors a raise, how about we give specialists a pay cut?

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