Simon Cowell fondly recalls a successful date with "wacko" Denise Richards. Did Lady Gaga hook up with a tween idol? Madonna defends her right to hate hydrangeas. What did Ali Lohan do to her face? Thursday gossip has questions.

  • Simon Cowell went on a blind date with Denise Richards several years ago: "She turned up eight months pregnant and had a dog in her handbag." At first this was "a little bit" of a "turn off" and made Denise seem "wacko." (Who let that pregnant lady out of the house? Madness!) But then, after some lascivious prodding from Howard Stern on his radio show, Simon admitted "we met up afterwards." Does that mean what I think it means? When daughter Lola (born three months after Denise filed for divorce from Charlie Sheen) grows up, she's going to read this story and be so grossed out. "[Denise] is gorgeous. I liked her a lot, I think she's cute, funny, a bit of a wacko," Simon concluded. "But I like that." [Us, Images of Cowell and Richards six months pregnant with her first child and a dog named Charlie Sheen via Getty]
  • Madonna's publicist on the hydrangea incident: "She's entitled to like any flower she wants and didn't want to hurt the feeling of the hydrangeas of the world." [CNN]
  • Kate Middleton is not expecting twins. [Us]
  • "I LOVE MY BOOBIES!!" —Jessica Simpson, who would like you to know she is not getting a boob reduction. [@JessicaSimpson, Us]

"What did Ali Lohan do to her face?" is the question of the day. She definitely looks weird, but when I go feature by feature, I'm not sure I can pinpoint just one, which makes me think this is just some combination of aging, sickliness, bad makeup, terrible lighting in a parking garage, emaciation, and maybe lip injections, but those are sort of a given, right? Click image to enlarge. [Famous, Jezebel, images via Getty & Splash]

  • Speaking of messed up faces, Evan Rachel Wood got elbowed in the face and lost a tooth. Here is a picture of the bloody tooth lying on the ground. Journalism. That said, Evan is in the middle of two international press tours, for a movie and a mini-series, so her "fat lip" could be a problem. [TMZ]
  • Lady Gaga might be banging Vampire Diaries star Taylor Kinney. Impressive rumor. Did he sell his soul, his chastity, or his first-born child to plant it, do you think? [Radar]
  • Kate Gosselin is "freaking out" about transitioning from reality star to normal human. Her kids "weren't ready" to leave the spotlight, either, because the first thing they saw after being born was a TV camera, so they imprinted on it and follow it around quacking all the time. [People]
  • Courtney Love on estranged daughter Frances Bean Cobain: "I'm so glad she didn't get a nose job." [Gatecrasher]
  • Rosie O'Donnell on screaming at everyone all the time: "I had, like, zero estrogen. And since I got some, I've been able to function more normally. I've stopped being so angry. You know, I think I had a lot more rage than I was aware of." [Celebitchy]
  • Discussing Halloween, Ellen DeGeneres revealed her secret crotchety get-off-my-lawn old man side: "People would come on up and just hold their bags out. They weren't even dressed up in costumes. They didn't even say, 'Trick or treat.' I ended up going, 'Trick or treat?!' like I was yelling at them. They were just teenagers who wanted free stuff! It made me kinda mad." Teenagers often have this effect on people. Thank god they usually self-quarantine. [GoodHousekeeping]
  • Former Spice Girl Mel B named her baby Madison Brown Belafonte. [Radar]