2011 was probably the lamest summer in recent history, due in no small part to the seemingly endless barrage of "position crazes" (I really don't know what else to call them) to wind their way down the internets. First there was planking. Then there was owling. Cone-ing. Pillaring. Hawking. Carmageddoning. Horsemaning. Backlashing. Chenning. And now, Batmanning, which was allegedly thought up by the Purdue students in the above video, and not some Warner Bros. viral marketing department. Right. Either way, it's about as cool as rubber nipples on a Robin suit. Next up, Rodining (recreating The Thinker on the john), Regising (perching on a high chair and staring off in befuddlement) and Bachmanning (pleasuring oneself with a hairbrush handle). Get out there and snap those crazy pics, kids!