A man in Mexico City apparently kept his girlfriend's two daughters as sex slaves for seven years, fathering five children before killing one of the girls and her daughter. He also used his stepson as a slave, forcing him to collect scraps for recycling and beating him if he returned empty handed.

The man, Jorge Antonio, was caught when his girlfriend, identified as "Clara," filed a complaint with police—two years after he had left her, taking her daughters with him. Clara was apparently aware of the situation, and says that Jorge Antonio told her that his sexual abuse of her daughters was "the 'middle class lifestyle,' as men were allowed to have 'all the women they wanted.'" But what Jorge Antonio described as "the middle class lifestyle" would be unfamiliar to people of any class:

During five years, Jorge Antonio imprisoned his two stepdaughters in a small room, sealing its windows, and keeping them as sex slaves. The teenagers eventually gave birth to five children, while the 14-year-old son was kept as a slave as well. Antonio simultaneously had sexual relationships with the mother and her daughters and, on occasions, he would force the two teenagers to engage in sexual activity among each other, sometimes while their brother was present.

In November 2010, Jorge Antonio allegedly killed one of the daughters - identified as Rebeca and Gabriela - who at the time was 19 years old. After beating her to death, he then took their 3-month-old daughter and pressed her onto her dead mother's chest until she asphyxiated.

The "small room" in which the girls were kept was apparently inside Manuel C. Tello elementary school, where Clara worked and lived as a caretaker.

[Fox News, BNO News; image of Mexico City via Shutterstock]