Fashion's Night Out can be so tedious: the crowds, the celebs, the free champagne, the lack of sales. God, it just seems like too much bother. We're going to skip it altogether, but in order to do so we need your help. Join our Scavender Hunt, take pictures from the event, and you can win cash!

Just like we did last year here is a list of things to find while trolling the town for fashion's night out. Here's a list of all the events. Snap a picture to cross it off your Scavenger Hunt list. Here are the things we're looking for.

  • Any Vogue editor. Bonus points for Grace Coddington, extra bonus points for Anna Wintour, and extra extra bonus points for André Leon Talley. Additional points if Talley is wearing something ridiculous (a given) or Wintour is smiling (rarer).
  • Anyone with the last name Olsen, Jonas, or Kardashian. Except Kourtney. No one cares about her.
  • Any personality who has been on a reality show about fashion. Warning: only winners of Project Runway are eligible. A gold star if it's Brad from Rachel Zoe.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • An event where food is not only being served, but being eaten.
  • Someone from Glee. If it's Brittany, you can probably win on that alone.
  • Living mannequins.
  • A band performing in a store or a store window.
  • A really killer window or merchandising display.
  • A designer whose name we'd recognize but whose face we wouldn't.
  • Marc Jacobs doing something butch.
  • The most hideous piece of clothing you can find that is for sale.
  • Something that is not jewelry that costs more than $5,000.
  • Models traveling in a pack of three or more.
  • A PR girl who is working by herself and not in tandem with at least three of her coworkers.
  • A celebrity doing something other than smiling and just standing there.
  • FIT students or just about anyone dressing up all "fashiony," but actually looking ridiculous.
  • A giant line of people waiting for something silly.
  • A fashion blogger.
  • Any shirtless male model doing absolutely anything.
  • Karl Motherfucking Lagerfeld! Bonus points if it's of him and his entire entourage.
  • A ridiculously large handbag.
  • A cocktail spilled on a store floor or a garment in a store. Feel free to do the spilling yourself and take a picture.
  • A group of paparazzi standing around doing nothing.
  • The rarest find of all: someone actually spending money.

Alright, armed with your list, go out there and take pictures of as many of these things as you can find. You will be judged based on quality as well as quantity. Email all of your photos in one email to along with a list of what is in each of the pictures.

The winner gets a $250 Visa Gift Card to go spend on something fashion related (as always Standard Contest Rules apply. Get out there and cover this event for us, so we can sit at home and watch Jersey Shore in peace.

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