Here's a fun exercise in "Hey, whatever happened to…?" After seventeen years of nonstop blowjob jokes, Monica is still unemployed and alone, living in her parents' houses and relying on her family's money, according to the National Enquirer. (So take it with a cigar tube of salt.) Since her handbag line never took off, she is reportedly considering a wildly incongruous career in PR. The Daily Mail reports,

Her apparent goal is to set up her own public relations company.

The insider said: 'Monica's self-esteem is at an all-time low.

'She said she's been doing some freelance work for a friend who has a public relations company. And she's got some family money, so that keeps her going.'

It takes one PR disaster to know one? Maybe errant politicians could hire Monica to hang around their mistresses, thereby scaring them into silence lest they spend the next seventeen years as a walking punchline, too.

So, I guess that wasn't a "fun" catch-up session so much as a "rather depressing" one. Poor Monica. At least she'll always have the time she started mistress chic lipstick and hair trends, which is more than Ashley Dupre can say. [Daily Mail, image via Getty]