Remember Katherine Chloé Cahoon, the nation's foremost authority on how to meet European men? Well she is back! And she's brought some friends with her.

To recap: Cahoon is a Vanderbilt grad who wrote the seminal sociological study The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men. A year ago she delighted us with her informative and entertaining online web videos and then we forgot all about her. Well blessedly she has made another internet computer video for us, broadcast directly from the tilt-shift meadow planet she calls home. And, look, she has company!

Yes she asked some friends, colleagues, and fans to make candid videos of themselves talking about Cahoon's tips and strategies, and boy are these some impressive testimonials. The best is the tale of shattering grief that is the girl who fell in love with 18 Irishmen and 16 Italians. A truly epic story.

I still can't tell if this is insanely well-done parody, actually a real thing, or some strange inter-place inbetween, but whatever it is, it's pretty exciting! Watch til at least 3:51, when you'll catch a glimpse of me with my dog. [via Cahoon's number one disciple, Videogum]