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The legacy of Qaddafi's Libya keeps getting weirder. The new president of Tripoli's prestigious Fateh University recently discovered a mysterious subterranean complex under Green Theater, a center for studying Qaddafi's political manifesto the Green Book. The complex contains a bedroom, jacuzzis, mood lighting… and a fully equipped gynecological operating theater with klieg lights and an observation deck. So that's, uh, creepy. Take it away, horrified new university president:

This [discovery] will give us a lot—a lot—of questions. Why we have a gynecological bed with fully equiped theater inside university? This is one. What's the rule of having a bed like that, a bedroom? Thirdly, a bathroom with jacuzzis and all these things? This is something which confirms, are suspicious, that this room may have been used to do something which is illegal. But we have confirm it, but all the facts are indicating that something related—I don't want to say rape—but sexual behavior, are there.

He notes that Fateh's official obstetrics and gynecological center is less than 100 meters away. Apparently someone wanted a more private venue for fiddling with the female reproductive system, and that someone probably had ties to Qaddafi's political faction. Is your skin crawling yet? [BBC]