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Here's a trailer for The Big Year, a bird-watching comedy that's not really about bird-watching, if you know what I mean.

I mean, mostly it's about Finding Yourself after a tumble of disappointing years has all but buried you. Or something. Enter Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin, fellows in various states of disrepair who happen to share a love of looking at tweety-boids. So they set off to compete in a big bird-watching competition, all the while feeling actualized within themselves again and maybe, just maybe, making sweet bird-calling love to one another. Hm. Maybe that second part doesn't happen. But I'm pretty sure the first one does!

It's always good to see Steve Martin in movies (though I'd rather this was Father of the Bride Part III: Matty's Gay Wedding — I mean just think how happy Franck would be! — but what can you do), so yay for that. Owen Wilson and Jack Black are another matter. These are two actors who charmed a while back with their comfortably repetitive shtick, but have now, for me at least, kinda worn out their welcome. They're still likable guys, but at this point I'd probably rather have a drink with them than pay $13 to watch them fall down and yell and stuff.

Oh well. Here's a middle-of-the-road fall comedy, made especially for you avian enthusiasts. Look up!