What was Arkansas NBC affiliate KARK weatherman Brett Cummins up to last Sunday night? Oh just drinking and "snorting drugs" and passing out and waking up in a bathtub next to a dead guy. You?

Homeowner Christopher Barbour, who says he is a friend of 33-year-old KARK weatherman Brett Cummins, told police that he woke up Monday morning and found his friend asleep in his bathtub with a dead man wearing a dog collar lying next to him.

Barbour told investigators Cummins had brought a friend that Barbour knew only as "Dexter" over the night before and the three were drinking and snorting drugs.

Hanging out with guys known as "Dexter" is a known risk. According to the police report, Barbour told cops that he heard Cummins "snoring very loudly" Monday morning, and that when he woke him up in the bathtub next to the dead man he "screamed" and then "vomited on the carpet in the living room."

Police are still investigating. Brett? Are you okay? Email us.

[My Fox DFW. Photo via KARK]