While you were sitting around in your air-conditioned apartment sending free "e-mails" and watching pornography, our nation's letter carriers were coming to the realization that they may soon be completely defunct.

Yesterday, Postmaster General Patrick Donohoe told Congress what we've already heard: if the USPS wants to survive, it needs to lay off 120,000 workers, close thousands of post offices, and end Saturday mail delivery as soon as possible. Or else!

At a Senate hearing Tuesday, he said the Postal Service was all but certain to miss a $5.5-billion payment to its retiree health fund due at the end of the month. And that is only the beginning of the trouble, he said, warning that the postal system was heading toward a $10-billion net loss this fiscal year and was near its borrowing limit.

With operating cash running out quickly, trucks, mail processing centers and mail delivery could come to a halt by this time next year, Donahoe said.

And if the postal service shut down, what would you do then? Probably just keep sending those emails and watching that pornography in your air-conditioned apartment, right? I guess that's not so bad.

[LAT. Photo: AP]