The DeKalb County Library in Atlanta takes their silence very seriously. Donnetta Foster is a 20-year-old student and single mom who, back in 2010, was looking for a job on the library computers. She was then ejected from the premises when her son, 14-month-old Savon, made "a laughing noise while looking at an animal flash card." This did not sit well with Ms. Foster.

According to the police report, Foster grew "irate, yelling in a loud and boisterous manner." She left the library, then returned "within minutes...yelling and cursing." She was then arrested by police.

"Ms. Foster was upset because no one would listen," her attorney, Mawuli Mel Davis told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "Anyone would be upset."

Foster's trial has been set for September 13, before Judge Janis Gordon. For Foster's sake, let's hope Gordon isn't a blue-haired old lady in cat glasses and pearls with a penchant for raising one bony finger to her lips every time the conversation rises above a hushed whisper and going, "SHHHHHHHHHH!" She could be harboring a pro-shushing bias. []