A totally lame California court has denied a man's simple request to change his name to "NJweedman.com". What the hell? Is this the United States of America or Stalin's Russia!?

Here's how the court describes Robert Edward Forcion, Jr., aka NJWeedman:

Since 2009, he has managed a Rastafarian temple in Los Angeles and has operated a medical marijuana dispensary that he claims is lawful under the Compassion Use Act of 1996. . . . He has devoted his adult life to promoting the legalization of marijuana and, in 2000, was convicted in New Jersey of marijuana offenses. Forchion is currently facing trial in New Jersey on marijuana charges arising out of an arrest on April 1, 2010. He is free on bail.

Forchion has a national reputation as a marijuana advocate and is popularly known as NJweedman. He operates a Web site, "NJweedman.com," which discusses his efforts to legalize the drug.

According to Evan Brown, the court denied his request to change his name to his domain name for three reasons: 1) People would be confused if NJWeedman.com ever lost his domain 2) His website "advocates illegal activities" and 3) He'd already been denied a request by New Jersey to change his name.

Whatever, he'll always be Njweedman.com to us. Maybe he could change his name to:

First: NJWeedman
Middle: Dot
Last: Com.

(You can just call him Mr. Com.)


[Technology and Marketing Law Blog, Image via MySpace]