Former Rep. Alan Grayson wrote a blog post for the Daily Kos today. If that sentence isn't sad enough, here's the title: "I Told Newt He Looks Fat." Apparently Grayson once met Newt Gingrich on the floor of the House, and totally zing'ed him, and it was awesome.

I said to him, "you look like you've gained a lot of weight."

Newt stared at me.

I said, "I remember you being much slimmer back in the 1990's. When you were relevant.

"When you were relevant," said the one-term Congressman who lost his last election by 18 points, and is wearing a Monopoly money tie with a pin-striped suit in the above photograph.

I would like to think that that light little love-tap on Newt Gingrich's ego may have pushed him just a tiny bit toward running for President. Which is great. Because Newt is really going to be hammered. If it's an eight-person field, Newt will finish ninth.

Oh, just make out already, you two. Everyone knows you're into belly-play, "Alan Grayson, a Congressman With Guts." [Daily Kos, images via Getty]