MediaTakeout gives birth to a surprisingly catchy conspiracy theory: "The word behind the scenes at the VMAs was that Beyonce was wearing a PROSTHETIC BELLY." She's only eight weeks pregnant, MediaTakeout says, but remember that they also said Beyonce was several weeks pregnant in March 2010. Maybe fetuses age in reverse dog years?

The conspiracy theorists' evidence includes images from Beyonce's Roseland Ballroom concert, 11 days prior to the VMAs. (Above at right.)

But unless that's a giant sequined FUPA, I'm inclined to say she looks pregnant there, too? As for the grainy Croatian vacation picture at right, note that higher-quality pictures from the same vacation show Beyonce in a bikini, sizable belly exposed.

Conclusion: MediaTakeout reports on Beyonce's reproductive organs are not to be trusted. Reports on Brandy's, Nicki Minaj's, and Kim Kardashian's reproductive organs suck, too. Reports on Kanye West's penis, however, are fairly reliable. [MediaTakeout, images via Getty and WENN]