In your tendentious Tuesday media column: Judith Miller gets a new job, James Murdoch accused of deception, the NYT poaches from the WSJ, Jill Abramson's introductory memo, and organic Thai asparagus journalism.

  • Tablet magazine has hired the one and only Judith Miller, of WMD fame, as its new theater critic. The magazine politely refers to her as "the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and daughter of the impresario Bill Miller." This is a true story.
  • Tom Crone, who was once News International's head of legal affairs, testified today that James Murdoch lied in his testimony about the phone hacking scandal, because he was actually aware of what was going on at NOTW. The only people who didn't know what was going on were either too important to know, like Rupert Murdoch, or... well, he's the only one.
  • Newspaper war poaching news of the day! The NYT has hired Amy Chozick from the WSJ as its new corporate media reporter, replacing Tim Arango, who went to Iraq. The NYT has also poached tech reporter Nick Wingfield from the WSJ. Your move, Rupertians!
  • Here is Jill Abramson's introductory staff memo to the NYT newsroom, outlining which editors will be doing what under her new reign. Also: "In October, I'll talk to the newsroom and be happy to discuss everything. It won't be called Throw Things At Jill. The name to beat is Jill Spills, so if you have something better, send ideas my way." Kill Jill, DUH.
  • CJR pitches this piece as "A surprising first-person story of journalism, jail, and organic asparagus in modern Thailand." We didn't read it but maybe you should?

[Photo: AP. My apologies: for the headline]