A late Monday night shooting in Brooklyn left three people dead and two cops wounded, bringing the total number of New York shooting victims to 48 this weekend, with at least 10 killed.

Here's how the Post described last night's shooting in Crown Heights:

"There was an argument and somebody came back and started shooting," said a witness Shareem Braxton.

Another witness said the two young men had been "slap boxing" and the loser threatened to come back with a gun.

The spate of shootings is being attributed to the long, booze-filled weekend and Brooklyn's West Indian Day Parade. There were shootings before and after the parade, though it was peaceful when I was there around 4pm yesterday, the only battle being that between my stomach and a giant serving of $5 jerk chicken.

According to NYPD, 98 people were shot in total last week—twice as many as last year, though still down from a decade ago. Can't be a coincidence that a new report found that 16,485 guns went missing from manufacturers "without a record of being legally sold." Clearly every New Yorker must buy their own gun to protect themselves. Only then will the gun violence stop. (Because everyone will be dead, from gun violence.)

[Image via Alec Schierenbeck]