Jesus! He's always appearing on the most random of objects, like telephone poles and rocking chairs and Walmart receipts (and delicious Polish foods). Well get this: He's finally decided to show up in an appropriate spot. Yes, a wooden cross. Or so people are saying.

Georgia-based woodworker Clay Perry's been getting all kinds of texts and calls from people who want to see, touch, and/or "have some sort of experience with" a seven-inch cross he carved out of poplar, because the work supposedly has the Lord's face embedded in its bark. Supposedly, because we just don't see Jesus there at all. Maybe it's because of the picture quality, or some sort of vitamin deficiency, or the devil blinding us again, but nope.

Maybe if you keep watching this news clip over and over and over again, an image of Jesus will eventually appear on that cross. Try it. Might be a fun way to spend your Labor Day.

[11 Alive, via Fark]