Looking to re-ignite your childhood fear of sharks? Look no further! A tourist bodyboarding off a beach in western Australia was killed in a gruesome shark attack on Sunday, the first in the area in some two decades.

Now! Just because the attack happened in Bunkers Beach, Australia, and not, say, in your living room, doesn't mean that you shouldn't forward this article to all of your friends who live near beaches, or have been to beaches, or might plan on going to the beach, sometime. They need to know about this:

The man was frolicking with a group of five friends off popular Bunkers Beach when the shark struck.

The man was bitten in two by the shark, which had grabbed him from the waist down.

Mr Kurt Morris, who was having lunch at the Bunker Bay Cafe with his family when chaos erupted on the beach, said he had been told by the man's friends that he had been torn apart.

'They were saying they were just two metres away from him,' he said.

'From the waist down, it was all gone.'

There were apparently some 30 other surfers in the water at the time of the attack, so don't think you're safe just because there are a lot of people around you, at the beach, or in your apartment building. Sharks can strike at any moment! And when they do, you will have sentences like this written about you: "Authorities were searching for the shark as well as the man's missing limbs."

[AP; Daily Mail; image via Shutterstock]