A Dublin bar has begun hosting Friday-night "Underwear Amnesty" parties at which patrons can trade in their underpants for "free" alcoholic beverages. Great idea, right? Not according to the many people who say it's "insensitive," given that a rape allegedly occurred at the bar only a few months ago.

According to the Irish news, a teenage girl was reportedly raped at the bar—named Tramco, after the Gaelic word for "shitty nightclub"—back in June 2011. The girl was allegedly attacked by a 14-year-old boy in the men's room; the boy was eventually arrested. You might think that, with this horrible incident still fairly fresh in everyone's minds, Tramco would maybe postpone hosting a party that seems to encourage women to remove their underpants and get sloshed—at least for a little while longer. But judging from this report on last night's inaugural party, the club and its clientele are all about compartmentalization.

Before yesterday's big "knickers-for-liquor" kick-off, the Irish news website TheJournal asked Underwear Amnesty organizers Midnight Promotions a few questions:

TheJournal.ie: Does the offer of a free drink in exchange for underwear apply to both males and females?

Midnight Promotions: YES

TJ: Can you hand over your underwear at the bar and get a drink, that simple?

MP: No, to be handed to the DJ

TJ: Does it have to be underwear you're wearing, or can you bring along a spare pair?

MP: We haven't set any terms and conditions

TJ: Where does the underwear go after it's handed over?

MP: The bin, where else?

TJ: In light of the recent events at TramCo, where a 15-year-old girl alleged she was raped, do you think holding such an event at the same club is appropriate?

MP: No comment

And there you have it! No comment. Everybody have another drink.

[Herald, TheJournal via Fark. Image via Shutterstock]