Kate Winslet's kids love it when mommy upchucks. Taylor Swift thinks Jake Gyllenhaal is "vain." New mom Mel B "laughed so hard the baby popped out." Kellan Lutz has a roommate named Dick. TGIFriday gossip.

  • When Kate Winslet filmed the projectile vomit scene in Polanski-directed Carnage, "My kids came to work for the vomit day, and I am so thrilled that they were there because they literally have not stopped talking about it since… It was hysterical… We were all completely beside ourselves with laughter." Kate admits she did not do all of her own projectile vomit stunts: "I had to contain a lot of vomit in my mouth which is not possible for a person to do. So without going into too much detail, it was a fairly complex rig and there was some extremely clever CGI involved." [People, image via Getty]
  • What did Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift talk about when they had lunch together last week? "They talked about how vain and self-absorbed Jake [Gyllenhaal, a mutual ex] can be. They laughed about it." Not sure why this eavesdropper suddenly remembered the conversation now, but, sure. [Us]
  • Spice Girl Mel B announces the birth of her baby girl on Twitter: "Stephen nearly passed out, Phoenix screamed, I laughed so hard the baby popped out!!! She is just sooo amazing!!" Laughter labor trend to be hot at midwiferies worldwide this fall. [@OfficialMelB, People]

Tyler Shields—a celebrity photographer who is either a brilliantly talented at willfully goading the public into pointless outrage, or an artist who is just kind of dumb—did a domestic violence chic photoshoot with Glee's Heather Morris, in which Heather poses sexily with various "housewife" implements, a man's fist, and a black eye. But she "is definitely not a victim," Tyler Shields says. She's a professional boxer who happens to have a lot of laundry to do today, OK? "Our shoot poses a lot of questions." Unclear whether the participants have even the shallowest understanding of what those questions are and why they are posing them, but that's the that keeps Tyler Shields in business. He's the idiot savant of celebrity-centric outrage. [TylerShields, Us]

  • "Is all the Emma Stone hype because we secretly miss Lindsay Lohan?" No. [DailyBeast]
  • After one day of freedom, T.I. is back in federal custody after checking into a federal penitentiary last night, possibly after being kicked out of his halfway house, maybe because he wasn't sober?! His lawyers say they can "resolve" it, possibly with a cup of coffee and some cold water splashed on his face. [TMZ]
  • Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo bought a 2.85 million home in Encino, a dangerous town frequently terrorized by roving bands of cavemen who resemble Brendan Frasier. [Radar]
  • The Kardashian sisters all want to be pregnant at the same time. [Us]

Kellan Lutz, a man who looks and acts exactly the way you'd expect someone named Kellan Lutz to look and act, has a tedency to do "a kind of knees-up march-in-place move that one might do before, say, a run" in the middle of conversations. He is "resplendently rippled," "like a guy sent from some super-race of humanity to kick your arse," and "his black mesh shorts flex around thighs that bulge like rotisserie chickens." He has a crew of roommates he calls "my boys," but not in a gay way even though one of them is called Dick, and came from "an ad on Craigslist." "My boys all want to go to Vegas to watch the Super Bowl with me, so I say, ‘Great. I'll provide the rooms and whatnot. All you have to do is buy a $400 plane ticket.' That's when my boys start moaning, ‘Oh, we have no money.' But then I'll catch them spending $200 a night getting drunk with a girl. What's up with that?" Poor Kellan Lutz. A pretty head filled with nothing but Lutz. [GQ]

  • Boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya finally admitted that those fishnet-and-stilettos drag boudoir photos are actually him. Oscar, we knew. [Radar]
  • Russell Armstrong's mother is upset that Bravo didn't cancel the upcoming season of Real Housewives. [Us]