Yesterday, the New York Times noted that now that almost a decade has passed since 9/11, some advertisers are trying to dip a toe into the "9/11 ads that will not automatically create an outraged uproar" waters.

Don't bother, advertisers!

Here is an easy guide to when it's a good idea to run a 9/11-themed ad for your business: never. Just think of all the other themes you could use for your ad: talking animals! Pretty girls! Funny fat guys! Fart jokes! Loving families coming together over frozen meals! Clowns! Before you make a 9/11 ad, try any one of those themes. Or any other theme, for that matter. They are all guaranteed to turn out better for you than a 9/11 theme.

Of course, this advice does not apply to the USA Discounters ad, above. I think Americans intuitively understand that the USA Discounters corporation is exempt from all rules of decency.