The most sought-after paparazzi shot in Southern California at the moment is not, in fact, one of Kim Kardashian getting into a public shouting match with her own ass (though such a photo would still command quite a price on the open market), but rather any visual evidence of the great white sharks spotted recently near San Diego beaches. Two were seen last week off Mission Beach — we told you about one of them — and a third was sighted on Wednesday off the shores of La Jolla. All of this shark activity has led locals to develop Great White Fever, with the LA Times remarking how "dozens of people stood on the bluffs with cameras and binoculars" on Thursday trying to get just a glimpse of one of the deadly creatures, as "television and military helicopters hovered overhead."

And now yet a fourth shark has been spotted, just north of La Jolla in Encinitas, and this time, there's photographic evidence! A shark-spotter snapped the above pic and sent it into the local CBS affiliate, who then had a shark expert verify it as being the caudal fin of a 10-to-12-foot great white, swimming amongst eight surfers. Yikes! [, screengrab via CBS8]