"Look at that plate of brownies sitting over there by the laser printer. Who would do that? Who would leave a whole plate of delicious, gooey, chocolate fudge brownies by the laser printer, and force me to stare temptation square in the eyes like that? I bet Kathleen from marketing brought those in. I shouldn't have one. Don't do it. But they do look good! Oh fine, maybe a quarter brownie, just to satisfy the craving. Wow. I ate two brownies. Piggie. They weren't even that great. [45 minutes pass.] Why am I laughing? Do I have something on my face? I feel like I have ladybugs all over my face. I never actually noticed this before, but the VP of Sales looks exactly like a Latino stegosaurus. What am I even talking about? Why do my hands suddenly feel as heavy as bowling balls? You're freaking me out! Stop it! Wait — you're me! When did I start staring at myself in the bathroom mirror?! Just walk back to your desk and get through. This. Day."

Or something like that. Turns out three workers who'd sampled the brownies in a Victoria, B.C. office suffered from "light-headedness, numbness in the limbs and disorientation." Then they started to trip. It was later discovered that the brownies they'd snacked on — which a co-worker brought in after she'd discovered them in a freezer — were baked by her son a year prior, and contained marijuana. No charges were filed against the dumb son who left pot brownies in his mom's freezer, or the dumb mother who found a batch of unidentified baked goods and decided to share them with her office, but he'll be required to "take part in community work to hold him accountable." [Vancouver Sun, image via Shutterstock]