There's an intriguing back-and-forth going on regarding the movie Contagion — aka The Movie in Which Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Sick and Dies — over at the Sneeze Fetish Forum.

Q: What is the Sneeze Fetish Forum?

A: The Sneeze Fetish Forum is a virtual salon where people who are sexually stimulated by sneezes can gather to exchange ideas, anecdotes, and sneeze-porn.

One user had noted that I'd referred to Marion Cotillard's character as a "sneeze-ballistics expert" in my analysis of the film's trailer, which got the ball rolling:


I really don't know what to make of this. Usually such a subject doesn't necessarily mean sneezing, but the one line gives me hope, and who knows? [Later:] "The script begins with a simple sneeze." Okay, now I'm excited.


Knowing Hollywood, they will still find a way to cut all the sneezes out of this movie.


The whole epidemic/pandemic element takes absolutely all of the appeal out sneezes and illness for me. I almost certainly won't even watch this when it comes out in DVD.


Now I have the feeling I'll be too shy to see it in theaters, and I'm wondering how I'm going to explain that to everyone who already knows how much I've been waiting for "Contagion" to come out....

This concludes today's installment of Sneeze Fetishist Movie Corner. [, Screengrab via Warner Bros.]