What is happening this week in America's #1 state, Arizona? In Prescott a police officer tasered a mentally handicapped man who was standing there with his hands up. The officer, of course, had no choice:

A tribal police officer says he was forced to Tase the 41-year-old. According to a Yavapai Prescott Tribal Police Report, several people called 911 to report that Denoyelles was standing outside the Golden Corral in Prescott, harassing customers, asking for food, money, and yelling at them.

The officer who Tased him says he told Denoyelles to turn around seven times after putting his hands up.

Denoyelles refused, and the officer says he had no choice but to Tase him.

Yes, the harrowing threat level is perfectly clear on the video above. Now let's go to the comments section of this My Fox Phoenix story for the "man on the street" reaction from a real Arizonan: "I saw the video and the sensationalizing media attempt to make it appear as if the officer did something wrong. The FACT is that the officer was issuing orders to the drunken Indian, and the Indian was refusing to comply."

Stop making it so easy for us, Arizona.