HBO finally bought so many ads on the New York City transit system that MTA let them buy an entire car. Coming soon to a 2/3 track near you: A vintage subway car from 1917, with rattan seats, a ceiling fan, and ads for Boardwalk Empire. If you end up on this car you will probably enjoy it a little, but will have to pretend you don't, because you're sick of this mind control ad immersion bullshit, and don't want to be associated with the Instagram obsessives tweeting twee pictures of it. But secretly? Old-timey transit is fun. Admit it, you want to ride in this car.

Apparently MTA occasionally brings back vintage trains during the holidays, which raises another conundrum: Why do we yearn for old-fashioned stuff like glass Coke bottles at Christmastime? How do we know Santa isn't a futuristic sci-fi enthusiast? His sleigh is technically a UFO. [Village Voice]