Thanks to a comical series of blunders by Julian Assange, Wikileaks' entire cache of unredacted State Department cables is now on the internet for anyone to download. (You can do so at the whistleblowing site Cryptome) But that's not stopping Wikileaks from holding a fake Twitter "vote" on whether it should release them.

Wikileaks tweeted: "GLOBAL VOTE: should Wikileaks IMMEDIATELY release ALL US CABLES?" It came up with its own hashtags and everything. (Next week, Wikileaks will launch a Facebook campaign: Whatever city "likes" the official Wikileaks page the most gets a visit from Julian Assange after he's freed from house arrest for rape allegations!)

According to Wikileaks, "current vote is over 100 to 1 in favor of release." So, we know which way the Beliebers are voting.

This is a desperate gimmick by Wikileaks to pretend it still has some control over the contents of the cables. But it doesn't matter what Wikileaks does now, except maybe in the eyes of its dwindling supporters. The unredacted cables are out, and I'm looking at them right now. Every sensitive diplomatic source is revealed: a Google executive, a retired general, professors. These sources are all helpfully labelled, presumably by diplomatic staffers, "(protect)."

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