British teacher Benedict Garrett was given a reprimand for working as a stripper and porn star while also serving as the head of personal, social, and health education at a high school in East London. Yup, that's right, the sex ed teacher was a porn star. But although he was reprimanded, he will be allowed to resume teaching.

The General Teaching Council, which oversees such matters, told Garrett (better known perhaps by his stripping and porn name Johnny Anglais) that he would be allowed to go back to the classroom if he gave up his moonlighting at bachelorette parties and in dirty movies. Maybe that means there's hope for our favorite fired teacher and gay porn star citizen reporter Collin O'Neal might get his job back!

Since being suspended last July (after some students found his naughty website), Garrett has maintained that he has done nothing wrong and that he should be allowed to work simultaneously as a stripper and a teacher. At this time, he says he has no plans to resume teaching if it means giving up his cheeky side job. Hmmm, maybe we can find Johnny a job stateside. Anyone?