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Here's a trailer for the long-lost but finally found Kenneth Lonergan movie Margaret, made six years ago but just now getting a release because of various legal problems. But it's here! Finally. And it looks strange.

Margaret tells the story of a high school girl, played by Anna Paquin, who, while trying to catch a bus, inadvertently helps cause the bus to hit a pedestrian, killing her. The rest of the movie is about the fallout from that — the guilt, the possible legal problems, etc. Paquin finds solace in a kind teacher (Matt Damon, looking very young, even though we're only talking about six years ago here) while warring with her mother and trying to convince the driver of the bus (Mark Ruffalo) to fess up to the authorities about what really happened.

So it's kind of a strange jumble of tones and themes and tropes and stuff. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. Lonergan's previous film, 2002's You Can Count On Me, was wonderful and weird enough to be believable. The truth is stranger than fiction, blah blah! But it's true. It's a saying because it's true. So the weirdness here could end up serving it well.

I'm glad this movie is finally coming out. Hopefully it was worth the wait for everyone.