Though some have tried to stop her, the lady isn't budging. She's gonna keep on going. Also today: Bravo makes a bad decision relating to Real Housewives, and Mike Tyson finally gets someone to pay attention to him.

  • She's gone from crappy cable gig to good cable gig to crappy network gig to prestige cable gig and now Olivia Munn is headed for Movie Greatness. The polarizing personality/actress has landed a role in Steven Soderbergh's male stripper film Magic Mike, playing Channing Tatum's girlfriend. So, OK, it's a stripper movie with Channing Tatum, but Steven Soderbergh! He won an Oscar and everything! That is a big freakin' deal, and I guess so is Olivia Munn now. Sorry, haters! Nothing to be done about it. Pretty soon she'll be winning her own Oscars and doing a line of clothing for Talbot's and maybe, I dunno, opening shopping malls with enormous scissors and shaking hands with babies from the caboose of a train and joining UNICEF and dying in a pool of her own vodka in a leaf-strewn mansion in the Hollywood Hills. You know, big deal stuff. She's on her way, guys. And there's nothing we can do about it. [Deadline]
  • Bravo, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to go ahead and premiere the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Monday as planned, despite the fact that one of its cast members killed himself earlier this month. They issued a press release saying that they're going to air a special interview before the premiere to have cast members explain some things and then they're going to partner up with some group and do anti-suicide stuff. Which, OK, but I just think it would have been easier to simply issue a press release saying "Hi guys, we're ghouls. We're just such ghouls. So here is a ghoulish thing that we, ghouls, are doing, because again we're ghouls. It's pretty ghoulish, even for ghouls, but we're doing it anyway, because ghouls. The End. Love, ghouls." I just think that would have been easier! (Hilarious comedy jokes from yours truly aside: Gross, Bravo. Real gross. I'm not saying don't air the season, I'm just saying give yourselves time to carefully edit the show and, also, maybe just give Taylor, whose corner you're supposedly in, some time to like, I don't know, deal with the fact that the father of her 5-year-old daughter recently hanged himself before you go splashing her face all over the place? Maybe? If they're editing out Taylor entirely, like every drop of Taylor gone, I guess I maybe get it, but if not, fuck off on this one, Bravo. I love you ghouls, but fuck off on this one big time.) [EW]
  • ABC has purchased a script from a Seinfeld writer and a Scrubs writer about the members of a one-hit '90s girl band that reunites in the present day even though they're middleaged and don't get along anymore. So it's a show about clothing size jokes and maybe a few honks about impending menopause. But dressed up like it's about rock and/or roll. Kind of like The Banger Sisters, but The Banger Sisters was actually kind of dark in a weird way, so maybe actually not like The Banger Sisters, maybe more like Space Cowboys. Actually, why don't they just make a sitcom based on Space Cowboys. For the name alone. "Cowboys? In space? Clint, what the hell kind of picture is this?" "Easy Garner, easy." "Don't tell me to be easy, they're talking cowboys, in outerspace!" Anyway, '90s girl band turned into momlady band! If it's single camera it could be good. If it's a standard multi-cam sitcom, no way Jose. [THR]
  • So there's a British miniseries about the Titantatic boatship that sunk a thousand years ago that's just begun filming in Belfast, and now they've added some new cast members. Chief among them is ol' Josh Framm himself, Kevin "Air Bud" Zegers. Whoa! Haha! Good for Air Bud. He'll be playing a metallurgist who worries that the Titantic's metals aren't right. Joining him will be Derek Jacobi as an old man (I mean, chances are, right?), Chris Noth as J.P. Morgan, and Neve Campbell, yes the Neve Campbell, as a reporter covering the building and maiden voyage of the enormous vessel. Quite the cast you've got there, 12-part Titangic miniseries. Distressingly, though, no word has been given on who will play the pivotal roles of Rose and Jack. Billy Zane will, once again and as always, be playing Billy Zane. [Deadline]
  • The bizarre trio of Spike Lee, Mike Tyson, and Entourage creator Doug Ellin have teamed up and successfully pitched a boxing show to HBO. It will be called Da Brick and is based on Tyson's early life and career. Good, that's exactly what Mike Tyson needs, more encouragement. Especially from the guy who brought us goddamned Entourage. I'd rather see Robin Givens get a good TV show. Let's make that happen maybe? That said, it is cool that Spike Lee is going to direct a show for HBO. Definitely more of that please. [THR]

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