Stuck at home on a drunk-driving conviction waiting for a "private security firm" to attach a court-mandated ankle monitor? Try this foolproof trick: Don't have a leg!

More specifically, have a prosthetic leg and then wrap it in a thick bandage. If the employees are stupid enough, they'll tag the fake one!

Christopher Lowcock, 29, fooled the two employees by wrapping a prosthetic leg in a bandage when they set up the tag at his home in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.


G4S revealed managers became suspicious last month but when they returned to Lowcock's home he had been returned to custody accused of a driving-related offence. The company revealed the second employee who went to check on the monitoring equipment at Lowcock's home was also sacked for failing to realise he had fooled them into tagging his false leg.

Lindsay Lohan must be kicking herself right now... with her real leg! Ha! Anyway, this story is a great example of why governments should be privatizing their services: To provide hilarious laughters-out-loud for the internet.

[Guardian; stock image via Shutterstock]