This photo of Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein attracting bumblebees in Beverly Hills raises questions.

  • Why was a Beverly Hills paparazzo staking out Carl Bernstein?
  • Damn, is it really that hard out there for journalists, that people who care about Carl Bernstein have been driven to paparazzism?
  • What do you think Carl did when the paparazzo went after him?
  • Did a single publication download and publish this photo—available at the website of a major celebrity photo agency—other than us?
  • When Carl Bernstein's paparazzo was an intrepid young journalist, did he dream of breaking big scoops, like Woodward and Bernstein? Of documenting an era, like Margaret Bourke-White? Did he want his photos on the cover of the National Geographic? Did he aspire to art? Or did he plan to become the guy who photographs Snooki's panties outside nightclubs on the Strip? Not that I have a personal interest in the matter. Just, you know, wondering.
  • Housewives of Fairfield County, be warned: Carl Bernstein's next exposé is on All the Garden Clubs' Presidents' Men, and he will decapitate any sunflower that stands in the way of the truth.

Feel free to make "Deep Throat" jokes in the comments, but don't even think about body snarking Carl. [Perplexing images via Flynet News]