H&M is having a little sweatshop trouble. Nearly 300 Cambodian workers passed out last week in a "spate of mass fainting attributed to poor working conditions."

From The Independent:

Union representatives blamed conditions inside the factory; Nuon Senghour said workers had complained of headaches, dizziness and shortness of breath and the factory had been "very hot inside, with a bad smell from the canal and smoke coming from the factory".

Ly Virak, the police chief, denied this, saying that the incident had arisen from mass hysteria. He told Reuters: "When one worker collapsed, others also fell sick."

Ha ha, "mass hysteria," nice try. They were probably just so hysterically overjoyed at the prospect of spending another day stitching slightly off-kilter clothes for Westerners who think they're too cool for Gap but not cool enough for American Apparel.