Former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell has tried everything to bring attention to her book release and tour, mostly by walking out of interviews and claiming that Piers Morgan was making inappropriate sexytalk with her. How long can she milk these brief flare-ups to extend the last second of her 15 minutes? Trick question; she can't.

Wonkette catches this item from the Florida News-Press from late last week about a very sad stop on the O'Donnell Book Tour, even in "staunchly Republican Naples." Only a couple of people turned out, most notably a delusional crazy person and a lowly prankster:

Still, O'Donnell took the turnout of five people - members of the media outnumbered customers - at Barnes & Noble in stride.

"God bless you, Tom," she told Tom Bruzzesi of Fort Myers, who said he's launching his own presidential campaign.

"I like her," Bruzzesi said. "She's kind of a rogue like me."

"Thank you for coming out today," O'Donnell said to Louise Campo of Naples.
"She interests me. She's very conservative," Campo said.

O'Donnell, a Christian, then politely turned down a request from a young man who asked her to sign his book on demonology instead of a copy of her book.

Maybe, at 42 years old, it's finally time to get a job? Wrong! There's another Delaware Senate election in 2012, so it's almost time to get that fourth campaign up and running.

[Image via AP]