Muslims: scary, or just weird? The deceptively reassuring answer meant to lull you into a false sense of security is "Just weird," according to a new survey that is clearly Soft on Mohammed.

The new Pew Research Center survey alleges that most American Muslims have "mainstream and moderate attitudes" and "reject extremism." Does that mean they're not concealing a curved dagger beneath their strange robes? The survey doesn't say, so we can't rule it out. But it does say that not only do Muslims by and large reject Islamic extremism; they're actually more American than you.

  • American Muslims are more likely to "watch pro or college sports" than the general public.
  • American Muslims are more likely to attend weekly worship services than American Christians.
  • American Muslim are more than twice as likely to say they are "satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S." than the general public.

Pretty satisfied that not every state legislature has explicitly banned Sharia law, sure.

[Pew Research Center, photo via]