After closing the original Playboy Club two decades ago in Chicago, the Windy City will be home to a Playboy Club once again. It's like the second coming of Hooters, except the wings aren't as good.

Apparently Hef's foundering media empire is now licensing out the name Playboy Club to various and assorted properties (mostly in Las Vegas and other such Gomorrahs) who want to reel in hapless tourists who have seen Swingers too many times and can't afford a real strip club where actual boobs are shown. They've signed a deal with a group that wants to open a freestanding edition of the club in an old mansion that currently houses a restaurant. That actually seems swanky and kinda fun.

We hope this isn't related to the NBC series The Playboy Club about the early years of the original club, because I'll be shocked if that piece of shit show makes it past six episodes. Then they'll be holding an empty club with no TV tie in and it will be a sad road to ruin like the people who built the Viva Laughlin! casino.

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