While Beyonce was announcing her pregnancy last night, little sister and hipster foil Solange Knowles was in a surrealist, possibly racist brawl with the Miami Beach police force. It all started when Solange tried to carry a five-foot inflatable banana into a nightclub.

Denied entry from the club, Solange blamed racism. The club said it wasn't black people, but giant bananas they could not admit. (Set-up for a racist Asian-American joke?) According to the MBPD, "off-duty officers" then "escorted" Solange across the street. According to Solange, one of the officers then "pulled a weapon" on her and threatened to deflate her banana! (Set-up for a racist and sexist joke?) After some heated Twitter warfare, Solange filed a formal complaint; MBPD confirms they are investigating the incident.

TMZ reports that the weapon in question was a knife. (MBPD knife fight? That's a horrifying picture.) Solange tweets that she is has "literally had my last leg with discriminating police!" As "a mother raising a young black child in America," Solange Knowles is "going to die trying" to "raise awareness" about racial and/or fructiferous discrimination. [TMZ, NBCMiami, @SolangeKnowles, Solange performing at an LGBT parade in 2009 via Pacific Coast News, banana for illustrative purposes only]