As the East Coast continues to clean up after the colossal let down of "Hurricane" Irene, at least there is one good thing that came out of the the days of food-hoarding, transit shutdowns, and watching Soapdish on Netflix Streaming (OK, Soapdish was a very good thing). Here's a great video of the wet and desolate city during the storm.

Two of the filmmakers at Buffalo Picture House went out in the storm in their neighborhood (I'm guessing it's the West Village) and recorded the rain falling slowly, the wind wimpering, the subways silenced, and some other great takes of the city bracing itself for a tragedy that never occurred. Sure, some people died somewhere else (and our hearts go out to their families) and there was flooding and such, but I think the sign of the movie sums this up for most New Yorkers, "Is that it, Irene? I've had better."