[There was a video here]

Here's a short first-glimpse of The Hunger Games, a clip which debuted during last night's candy-colored funeral for music, MTV's VMAs ceremony. It's brief, but exciting!

In case you're a rational adult who does adult things in this world and thus don't know what The Hunger Games is, it's a movie based on the first book of a bestselling series about a dystopic future America where teenagers are forced to compete in gladiatorial fights to the death as a way of cowing a populace into fearful subjugation to a oligarchic central authority. So it's a comedy!

No, not really. It's shockingly brutal for YA fiction, so the question now is how graphic and intense can a movie version be? Well, alas we don't get much indication from this brief clip, which merely shows our hero Katniss Everdeen running through the woods with her trusty bow and arrow while her friend Gale talks to her in voice-over. But it's still cool to see what the color palette and camera style of the movie will be. I don't mind it! Based on this, I am not deterred from eagerly anticipating the movie. Because, again, I am not a rational adult who does adult things in this world.