Just over two weeks ago, Mexican authorities arrested a notorious mass murderer, Oscar Osvaldo Garcia, who is nicknamed after a popular TV hand puppet, "El Compayito." He admitted to personally killing, or ordering the murders of around 600 people. Today, the Washington Post reports on Mexican law enforcement's penchant for videotaping and airing dramatic confessions on TV. Here's a sample of Garcia's confession, made shortly after his arrest:

Prosecutor: "How many executions have you ordered?"

Garcia: "Ordered? I believe more than 300 executions."

Prosecutor: "And how many have you done?"

Garcia: "Another 300, more or less, I have done with my own hands, around 300."

Prosecutor: "And what did you use to cut off their heads?"

Garcia: "With knives and chain saws."

Eh, no biggie. Just some chain saws and knives. And maybe 600 murders, give or take a few dozen.

[Image via AP]