[There was a video here]

While Weather Channel reporter Eric Fisher braved ferocious winds and rainy Irene-ness to bring us live reports from Virginia Beach (look at those fluttering pant legs!), a bunch of college-aged looking yahoos ran behind him, jumping up and down like their team had just won the Super Bowl. And then one guy NSFW-ishly pulled down his pants. Did I mention that this was live?

Perhaps in 200 years, we will regard the Virginia Beach Streaker's image as "iconic"—a symbol of a time/low-point in our nation's history when people were willing to do anything and mock anyone's suffering in order to draw attention to themselves for one brief shining moment on an otherwise boring cable station. For the present, let's just imagine how Weather Channel viewers at home (50% of whom are named "Ethel") reacted to the sight of this man and his privates suddenly appearing on their televisions.