Perhaps you've heard about the raging toga parties a prison outside of Moscow was holding? Now the prison stories out of Russia are getting even better. Moscow daily Moskovsky Komsomolets interviewed "Andrei," an ex-inmate who says that if you have money you can do whatever the hell you want in prison. The Independent has translated quotes from Andrei:

"We had whatever we wanted. I even ate sushi every day," he told the paper, to which he showed photographs that backed up his claims. "We had a great table laid on for us in the camp – sushi, champagne, whisky."

Not bad! Doing nine-years for embezzlement could be worse. And it gets better:

Andrei claimed he was allowed, for a fee, to live in the hotel used for conjugal visits, which is on the camp's grounds, and leave whenever he wanted so long as he returned at night. "I put up a bar, home cinema and brought back whoever I wanted," he said.

The newspaper printed a series of Andrei's photos from the camp, including one with him and a large plate of sushi rolls and one of him on his mountain bike.

[Screengrab via the Independent]