Once burned, the honey-blonde actress is headed back into the TV world. Also today: another Real World will soon make landfall, a model gets the weirdest role a model could get, and Jamie Lee Curtis is a mixed blessing.

  • '90s curio Heather Graham tried to do a TV series a while back, Emily's Reasons Why Not, and it did not end well. She was out, done, finished. But then, somehow, she landed a small role in The Hangover, it did gangbusters business, and she was back! And now she's bravely headed into the world of television again, though this time not all by herself. She'll play Rob Corddry's wife in a new single-camera sitcom from Veronica Mars mensch Rob Thomas. That's a good team to have! Still, it's brave of noble Heather to be entering the fray again. I wish her luck and success like she's never had before. After all, nobody wants the word "rollerskates" in their obituary. [Deadline]
  • Uh oh. There's a new season of The Real World looming on the horizon like lady Irene, and it looks to be a doozy. The show is headed back to San Diego for some reason (they still haven't done Dallas, have they? And what about Toronto or Vancouver?), probably mostly so Jamie Chung can sit in her trailer on the set of some movie she's in and sigh and remember. (RIP Frankie.) One intriguing thing in this just-released promo is that it looks to be a pretty queer season, with a lesbian who's maybe FTM and a guy who starts getting into it with dudes. Sort of intriguing! Though, as occasionally happens on this show, everyone kind of looks the same in a strange way. You know what I mean? How sometimes a cast just looks like each other, or at least fits into one or two groups? (Think Landon and M.J. in Philadelphia: not exactly the same guy, but both big block-headed maloofs.) Anyway. They're basically just Challenge fodder at this point. That's all The Real World is anymore, just breeding ground for dim-witted simps who will later be thrown into T.J. Lavin's (RIP Johnny Moseley) rum-filled thunderdome. May the odds be ever in your favor, drunkos! [EW]
  • Oh, this is a nice story. Marisa Miller, a Victoria's Secret model, has somehow landed an acting role in a movie, R.I.P.D.. Ha, actually, wait. I was going to go with a whole "models in movies, how lucky for them" joke, but then I read this: "[Jeff] Bridges is playing [Ryan] Reynolds' ghostly partner and Miller will be his human avatar, the form humans see when Bridges' character is in his earthly form." Hahahahahahha. What? Nope, no. Marisa Miller, Victoria's Secret model, will be acting like Jeff Bridges in a movie? I don't even. What's next, is Brooklyn Decker doing Molière? Those Victoria's Secret models, such masters of high comedy. I actually cannot wait to see this now. Excellently done, producers. Brilliantly marketed. "We just need one more thing to make this movie, which is called R.I.P.D., just over-the-top ridiculous sounding. Oh I know, let's have an underpants model do her best Jeff Bridges impersonation." Terrific. I'm sold. Movie seller, one ticket to this thing, please. [THR]
  • Look who else is back! The least appreciated actress of her generation, Jamie Lee Curtis, has been been tapped to do two episodes of NCIS. So, this is one of those double-edged swords. On the one hand, it's nice that Jamie Lee Curtis is coming back to do something again. But on the other hand, NCIS. You have a great, fun actress who has been conspicuously absent for a few years, save for poop-yogurt commercials, who is going to be on a screen again saying and doing things and that's great because yay True Lies and A Fish Called Wanda! And then you have... NCIS. Sigh. [EW]
  • Comedian Ali Wong has been added to the cast of Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. Let's have a moment of silence for Ali Wong. [Deadline]