For a whole second time in a matter of weeks, we have footage of robotic old Northeastern Rockefeller Republican Mitt Romney raising his voice, in a public forum. This is not how your governess trained you to behave, Mittens.

And sure, the impetus for posting this video was merely that it shows Mitt Romney trying to act like a human, which is always comedy gold. But it's interesting to see what ticks him off here. Someone is treating him, fairly enough, as a generic mouthpiece for current Republican party dogma against any and all greater government spending. Suddenly Mittens is all, oh, I never say that stuff! How could you think of me as such an anti-government weirdo? I have a record of investing in education, police departments, highways, doubling bridge-repair budgets, blah blah blah. It offends him that people worry when, say, he blares out crap like "we are only inches away from ceasing to be a free market economy" at his campaign launch, as though they're supposed to accept that that was merely pandering political rhetoric.