In your soggy Thursday media column: hurricane coverage rules the universe, commenters can sometimes write, John Podhoretz discusses cocks, the NYT op-ed section is not working class, and Jack Shafer says goodbye.

  • Erika Fry read the NYT op-ed section for a month, and guess what: it's dominated by people who are famous, not people who are working class. Just like America! And "The Wall Street Journal's contributors represent an even narrower and more important class than that of the Times." Just like America!
  • Hurricane Irene is totally going to "blow away" cable news coverage of the opening of the MLK memorial in DC. Just more proof that god hates MLK.
  • Looking to hire a writer for your website? Check your own comments section. Is Richard Lawson there? No? Well you're shit outta luck, bo.
  • Check out what Commentary's John Podhoretz said to Max Blumenthal on Twitter yesterday! "Whatever their flaws, they don't suck the cocks of Jew-haters and murderers, Maxie boy." He later apologized and deleted that tweet. Still, the point is that John Podhoretz likes to talk about the cocks of Jew-haters.
  • This interview with Jack Shafer is great.

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